Selection of the HPC Provider for FF4EuroHPC project

We are looking for HPC Provider for our part of the FF4EuroHPC: HPC Innovation for European SMEs project. Please find the details below.
QSA project name: Enabling Cloud-based Multiphysics Simulation for Battery Systems’ Cooling System Optimization (Cloud-Bat)

Selection of the HPC Provider

Technical Specification

  • Minimal Hardware Requirements:
  • 40 physical cores
  • RAM Memory: 192 GB
  • System: Linux
  • Volume of the Order: Delivery of at least 5000 node*hours of computing power.
  • Required Access Type / Pricing Type: On demand / Pay as you go

Deadline for sending quotations: August 9, 2022
Offer selection criterion: price

Attachments (in polish):

  1. Formularz ofertowy
  2. Oświadczenie o braku powiązań

Please submit your quotations to

FF4EuroHPC is a European initiative that helps facilitate access to all high-performance computing-related technologies for SMEs and thus increases the innovation potential of the European industry.
In this project, we will improve Q-Bat by adding full support for immersive cooling simulations. In the experiment, we propose to develop a workflow that will allow Wamtechnik to utilize cloud-based simulations in its design process.

The goal of the underlying experiment is to use HPC to solve engineering challenges of Wamtechnik that arise in the design of immersive cooling of battery packs for e-mobility applications.