Power engineering

Our projects in the RES industry include, but are not limited to:

Fixing of photovoltaic systems

For one of the leading Polish manufacturers of photovoltaic systems, we have created an application that determines the distribution of aerodynamic loads on photovoltaic panels. Thanks to our application, an employee can estimate what mountings will be needed for PV installation in a few minutes. This can be done without the need for CFD analysis, which is time-consuming and expensive, or rough estimation, risking underestimating or overestimating fasteners’ strength.


Hydro turbines

For an American university, we performed a water turbine simulation project. Simulations assumed non-stationary water flow between two turbines rotating in opposite directions. As a result of the simulation, the university received parameters like:

  • torque coefficient vs. azimuth angle,
  • vertical force vs. azimuth angle,
  • pressure contours,
  • vorticity contours,
  • velocity contours.