Heat engineering case studies

At Quickersim we have wide experience in electronic components cooling simulations. See the case studies for laser diode and processor cooling blocks.

Laser diode cooling

First example of electronic components cooling system simulation we have done at QuickerSim are calculations for a laser diode heat transfer. The aim of the analysis was to determine the maximum heat exchange rate possible to be absorbed by means of air cooling. The calculations showed the maximum power of the diode mounted in the laser, the required flux of air flowing through the heat sink, the direction of changes to be made in order to optimize the operation of the cooling system.

Processor cooling blocks simulation

Simulations of heat flow through processor cooling blocks is another example of heat transfer for electronic components done by our team. The goal of the project was the flow analysis of the cooling blocks for steady-state. Here, as with the diode, it was important to collect a large amount of heat from a small area. The analysis was to determine the potential that these modules have.
  • The analysis verified the cooling power of the devices
  • Indicates places where the temperature is higher than assumed
  • It allowed the calculation of the pressure drop caused by the cooling modules,