In the electro-mobility industry, we have helped with, among other things:

Design of a forklift battery cooling system – Green Cubes Technology

We started cooperation with Green Cubes Technology – an American company that produces batteries for all kinds of applications – from medical equipment to forklift trucks. Our collaboration consisted of designing a preliminary version of a forklift battery cooling system, ensuring the right temperature during fast charging. In simulations, we used our own program for battery simulation – Q-Bat.

Thermal simulations of batteries – Solaris Bus & Coach

Solaris Bus & Coach is a Polish bus manufacturer and the leader in electric bus production in European Union. We worked with Solaris B&C for six months to develop our proprietary software designed for real-time battery thermal simulations. This software allows to:

  • Obtain a 3D temperature distribution of the battery
  • Real-time simulations without loss of accuracy
  • Simulate entire systems in Simulink

To learn more about this topic https://emobility.quickersim.com/