A basic laminar flow solver is a must-have in any CFD package. QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB® provides an efficient laminar solver (both steady-state and transient, 2d and 3D) that can be easily integrated into the whole workflow.

Simulations of microfluidic devices are carried out for instance in the process of design of new apparatus for drug delivery. Whatever case, fluid flow simulation is only a part of the larger development process. After carrying out flow investigation, one can investigate for instance transport and diffusion of chemical species in such a device.

Once you get acquainted with the basics of the toolbox, you will be able to quickly set up a series of parametric studies, geometry modifications and much more. Utilize the full power of MATLAB® to increase your productivity with our solution!

Case 1: Unsteady laminar flow past a cylinder at Re=120 based on cylinder diameter. Loss of flow stability and subsequent generation of von Karman vortex path visible. This is a standard benchmark for any flow solver.

Case 2: Transport of drug in an H-shaped microfluidic device. Depending on the value of the outlet pressure at the top right end, one obtains a different drug release rate to the lower part.