Mesh Deformation & Shape Optimization

The QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB® contains a series of routines for the computational mesh deformation. That can be useful either for simulations with moving boundaries or cases where one uses optimization tools to arrive at the desired shape.

Also, the Toolbox contains the functions for Adaptive Mesh Refinement such as those necessary in aerodynamic compressible flow simulations with shock waves.

Explore the full power of MATLAB® and link the toolbox with other solutions such as the Optimization toolbox or create your own codes that evaluate objective functions and search the parameter space.

Mesh format follows that of the MATLAB® PDE Toolbox so that it should be familiar to anyone working in MATLAB®.

See how easy it is to deform meshes and perform shape optimization with our CFD software.

Case 1: The process of optimizing the shape of the extrusion die. The objective was to enable as uniform outlet velocity as possible despite non-uniform shape of the outlet. Case solved in conjunction with the MATLAB® Optimization Toolbox. The movie shows all geometries investigated by the optimizing algorithm.

Case 2: A simple optimization case of the NACA0012 profile. The lift vs. drag ratio is being optimized at 5-degree angle of attack. That results in a geometry with a slightly modified trailing edge.

Figure 1. NACA 0012 original shape


Figure 2. Optimized airfoil