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CFD Simulations in MATLAB®

The QuickerSim CFD Toolbox admits quick and robust fluid flow and heat transfer simulations within MATLAB framework. Its aim is rather to fill the niche for the need of a lightweight and ready-to-go solver than to become yet another CFD package out there.

Hence you will not find the most advanced RANS-LES equations or combustion models. Still, you will be able to solve many standard engineering models including turbulence, multi-domain and varying material properties. For larger cases, you will be able to perform a series of go/no-go tests before investing more time to commit your first job to the nearest cluster or configure MPI using some more sophisticated software.

Being the part of MATLAB has also an advantage itself:

 - models from other engineering fields were created in this environment and sometimes specialist need CFD only as a plug-in for their entire workflows,

 - customization and creation of your own physical models are fast and efficient. No need for pre-compilation, user-defined-functions or C++ (unless you really want it),

 - MATLAB syntax is simple, the software gets continuously tested and upgraded and comes with detailed technical documentation.


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Multicore Photonics designs fiber-optic sensors – they wanted to make sure that the flow-field is smooth enough in the vicinity of the sensor location. Check out the results of their simulations they shared with QuickerSim as well as their enthusiastic comments:

"QuickerSim is a great resource to learn CFD quickly.  I watched the tutorials online and within a week I was generating my own meshes and solving for pressure and flow fields.  The company I work for is a small startup company that is developing car exhaust sensors.  We are using QuickerSim in the design phase to optimize the flow fields around the sensors."

Dr. Michael D. Walles
Multicore Photonics

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Pressure and velocity vectors in the flow past the exhaust system.
Notice the undesired strong recirculation zones.