CFD Tutorials for MATLAB

It is a pleasure for us to announce that we have recently launched on our website a free Tutorials Center, which enables our user to learn using QuickerSim CFD Toolbox step by step. All the tutorials can be found here and they cover step by step the following topics:

  • first steps in QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB,
  • geometry and mesh creation,
  • modelling of laminar flows with Navier-Stokes equations,
  • modelling turbulent flows for benchmark HVAC problems and similar cases,
  • simulation of heat transfer (both by heat conduction and heat convection),
  • simulation of flows in porous media,
  • modelling of multiphysics problems described with scalar transport equations,
  • numerical methods for computational fluid dynamics,
  • CFD postprocessing,
  • transient problems of unsteady flows and heat transfer,
  • shape optimization, mesh deformation and geometry parametrization.

Free access to all of our CFD Tutorials for MATLAB is given here.