Combustion modeling is crucial for the increase of efficiency and decrease of the carbon footprint in the process of energy generation. No surprise that CFD plays a key role in this process.

You can use simulations for prediction of various phenomena:

  • temperature distribution in the furnace/combustion chamber
  • rate of chemical reactions
  • concentration of chemical species
  • heating due to radiation
  • velocity and turbulence intensity distribution


Combustion simulations for cleaner energy:

Qenergy specializes in renewables and clean combustion technologies. One of their projects aimed to upgrade a very common combustion furnace, WR-25, by installing de-NOX-ing and de-SOX-ing systems. In order to choose the most appropriate location of the injectors, Qenergy needed to know some of the flow parameters in the furnace.

QuickerSim performed CFD simulations of combustion and exhaust transport in the furnace at a few specific operating conditions. The simulations were compared against extra measurements taken at the site.