CFD Services

We perform CFD flow and thermal analyses to provide our customers with answers on how to modify and improve their designs for the following applications. 


  • CFD analysis of ventilation systems,
  • Airflow analysis of fans (including particle and contaminant transport),
  • CFD analysis of electronic equipment,
  • CFD analysis of processor cooling,
  • CFD analysis of chargers,


  • electric vehicle battery cooling,
  • electric vehicle ventilation simulation,
  • electric vehicle air conditioning analysis.


  • combustion simulation,
  • simulation of flows with chemical reactions (e.g. in boilers, mixers, reactors, gasifiers, incinerators)

Power engineering:

  • Predicting aerodynamic loads for photovoltaic panels,
  • CFD analysis of microgeneration turbines,
  • Flow simulations through small wind turbines,
  • CFD analysis of other RES devices.


  • blood flow analysis,
  • analysis of flows in biomedical and laboratory equipment.


  • windshield fog up analysis,
  • headlight fog up analysis,
  • heat exchange in radiators and heat exchangers,
  • vehicle air conditioning analysis.

As a result of the CFD calculation, we provide:

A complete report with CFD calculation results

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