CFD for Students!

QuickerSim releases the full toolbox version also for personal student use. Hence, young CFD enthusiasts gain the access to all features of QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for MATLAB at an affordable price.

In this price, you get full access to simulations and tools for:

  • heat transfer through conduction and convection,
  • steady-state and unsteady heat transfer,
  • heat transfer in multi-component materials,
  • laminar flow modelling in 2-D and 3-D,
  • full Navier-Stokes solvers in 2-D and 3-D geometries,
  • simulation of Stokes problems, polymer flow simulations etc.,
  • turbulence modelling with simple turbulence models,
  • shape optimization functions,
  • automatic generation of boundary layer meshes,
  • microfluidic simulations and applications in MATLAB,
  • modelling of cardiovascular flows, blood modelling with non-Newtonian rheologies and much more.

The student license comes in two versions:

  • Student Limited at price of 69 EUR (+VAT tax) that is restricted to mesh size of maximum 36 000 nodes,
  • Student Full at price of 199 EUR (+VAT tax), that grants you all the toolbox functions.

They both come with 1-year maintanance period, which grants access to updates and new releases. Later on, the maintanance period can be extended. The toolbox is a perfect way to begin your adventure with CFD. For this reason, it comes with lots of learnign materials. Our CFD Tutorials Center for MATLAB can be accessed here.