Projects in the automotive industry include but are not limited to:

HVAC system simulations – Solaris B&C

Solaris Bus & Coach is a Polish bus manufacturer and the leader in electric buses in the European Union. In cooperation with this company, we have developed software that allows the simulation of entire HVAC systems. This software enables:

  • Creation of entire HVAC systems,
  • Simulation of 1 hour of system operation in just 60 seconds,
  • Model systems from ready components or define your own

Thermal design of a radiator – Valeo

We have prepared a dedicated application for the French company Valeo to perform thermal simulations of heat sinks. It allows predicting three-dimensional, non-stationary temperature fields in a car heat sink, together with thermal loads.

This application has been developed based on our proprietary CFD Toolbox for Matlab. It reduced the simulation time from 48 hours on HPC to only 1 hour on PC.